Gust- Born April 8, 2015. Very identical to his full 2014 brother. White face, one blue eye and 2 back stockings. Well gaited. He will be a looker. Will probably finish around 14.3-15 hands. Sold
Dime born April 12, 2015 out of Coin. Great gait, disposition and bloodlines. Pretty blaze, gait and 2 white socks.

Cash- Vicki's big palomino colt born April 20, 2015. Natural bred gait and should mature to 15.2 or more Sold
Buckskin colt out of my Oregon mustang Ruby. He too has a good gait set on him. Sold
Dixie- palomino with blaze. Born May 5, 2015 well gaited and should mature to 14.3 or so. Sparkling Simplicity x Arrows Sandman May end up staying here with me.