Jenny nice classic champagne filly- born on April 24th. Her parents are 14.2 and 15 hands. She will built nice and have a nice smooth gait. Her color will be just icing on the cake. The only white she has is on back left. She will be registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse association and be leading, loading and handling feet before she leaves. Very nicely built and gaits well in the field.  Gravette, Arkansas


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Athena- Classic Champagne filly born May 9th, 2019 that might also carry the cream gene. She will be a smooth ride and I expect her to mature around 14.3 hands. Her Dam is one of the easiest horses I've trained, born kid broke. She is friendly, leads and picks up feet already. She will be registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Association. Gaits really nice in the field and already pretty friendly. I really like this filly. Pictured on the right Athena head is higher then Jenny's is lower. Gravette, Arkansas


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Lena- "Ebony's Stormy Weather" solid black 14.3 registered 2013 Tennessee Walker mare. This girl is naturally gaited and a great trail horse. Will ride out alone or with a group. Lead, middle or last. Has been up and down some steep rides, crosses water etc. Gravette, Arkansas


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Nice Crest Ridge Ardent series gaited saddle. 16 inch seat, 8 inch gullet. This is a nice and comfy saddle. It fits all gaited horses I've used it on. I really like it and rode in it many years. However I've since switched to endurance no horn saddles so this nice saddle is for sale. Gravette, Arkansas


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Frisco- 2015 blue roan gelding. Grade Tennessee Walker. 14.3 hands. Friendly and easy to catch. Very smooth ride.  Still young and needs miles but he has a good head on him and isn't spooky. Not ever bucked or reared with us. Just a good smooth boy. (I'm currently in process with TWHBE to see if chance he has papers. He's very nice) Gravette, Arkansas


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Bo- 2012 Bay Roan grade gelding. 15.1 hands and built like a quarter horse but gaits like a walker. Bo is a great trail horse. He is sure footed even on steep rocky terrain. Crosses water fine. He neck reins. Stands still to get on. Good for the farrier. He does have a scar on back left hind but it is just cosmetic. He is energetic but controllable. Walks on a loose rein. Gravette, Arkansas


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