Why Scoot boots

- Hoof boots that have a large fitting range, no cables or velcro, easy on and off, 
  secure fit, lightweight, low profile, excellent drainage.
- 25 sizes available
- Durable several riders have reported getting 1,000+  miles on a pair
- Works for most but doesn't work for all. Vertical walled hooves and flared
  hooves are  NOT suitable. Not recommended for mules or donkeys.
- Because of the lightweight it doesn't affect gait
- Easy to clean

Services Offered

- Local sizing available- 
  • I'm willing to travel free of charge up to 50 miles from Bentonville,  Arkansas. (If you are over 50 miles I might be willing to travel farther so just ask.) I just ask that you are serious about buying Scoot boots from me as apposed to buying directly from Scoot Boots website (will be same price just takes longer coming from Australia), another rep, or used.  If you just want sizing advice but don't plan to buy from me then a $30 charge for my time and gas is expected. 
  • I try to carry most inventory with me however if I don't have the correct size with me I can get the correct size mailed to you and most times you'll have the boot within a week. I will bring all 25 sizing shells so if I don't have the correct size we can still determine the correct size. 
  • To properly fit your horse it needs to be barefoot and have a recent trim. 
  • Please send me length pictures, width pictures, front view pictures and side view pictures before our appointment.
- Sizing help based off pictures if not local 
- Trade ins- currently have the wrong size of scoots contact me for a trade.

Helpful Videos

- Correct fit video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFWyYnghgh0&t=14s
- How to fit the Mud Strap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cgELm6I0F0&feature=youtu.be
- How to put the boots on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-mmmw_udC8&feature=youtu.be


Pair of boots comes with trail 
gaitors $189
Scoot Boots are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology and are superior and unique to any other horse boot on the market. Scoot Boots are constructed of a very strong thermo plastic urethane making them extremely robust and lightweight.
Pair of Mud Straps $25
Not always necessary but helps if going through thick mud and helps if horse has a tendency to overreach. 
Choice of color : Black, red, orange
aqua, green purple piink
Endurance Gaiters $25.00 
Made out of neoprene and provide protection for the lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area for sensitive skinned horses and for endurance riders travelling excessive distances.
Anti slip shim $18
Place this in front of boot to help with sizing 
Adjust and color coordinate your pastern straps and front straps. 
Scoot Pads $23.00 
Used for sensitive soles or to assist fitting in between sizes. We only recommend you use pads if necessary. Most horses do not need pads in Scoot Boots. Using pads may affect the fit of the boots and you may need to go up a size to accommodate pads.

Scoot Pads are made from TPU and are designed to provide relief to horses with sensitive soles.